Your donation will help TREAT A PATIENT and SAVE A LIFE.

Heart Cells Foundation funds pioneering stem cell research into stem cell therapy for Heart Disease and Heart Failure in the UK. We offer life changing treatment to those most in need through our Compassionate Treatment Programme at Bart’s Hospital.

Your donation will be used to enable us to treat a patient who has a serious heart condition. Patients that come to the Heart Cells Foundation will have exhausted all other medical possibilities. This treatment has the ability to dramatically change the life of these patients and the lives of their families.. YOU CAN HELP.


Thank you for your invaluable support.

How you can help us treat a patient within the Compassionate Treatment Programme

£25 funds a vital ECG scan
£75 funds 1 blood test for a patient
£100 funds an infusion catheter to deliver a patient’s own stem cells into their heart artery
£250 funds a CT scan
£1,000 funds the use of the hospital theatre
£3,000 funds the patient’s stay in hospital
£10,000 will enable 1 patient to be treated within the Compassionate Treatment Programme

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For more information call +44 (0)20 7935 5351


Sara Beare, Suite 11, Accurist House, 44 Baker Street, London WIU 7AZ.

To make a payment using American Express please call Sara Beare 020 7935 5351.


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