Adult Stem Cell London


Saving Lives

Using stem cells to treat patients suffering with heart failure to improve their lives.

Furthering Collaboration

Supporting and funding the growth of the Compassionate Unit, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London – the first of its kind in Europe.

Advancing Developments

Continuing further stem cells research and raising funds for Phase III Regen DCM Trial.

Supporting Research

Facilitating stem cell research and the evolution of the regenerative field of medicine.

Ultimate Goal

Ensuring that ground-breaking regenerative treatment is available to all on the NHS and beyond…

Revolutionising Cardiac Care with Stem Cell Research

Welcome to the Heart Cells Foundation, where groundbreaking research meets clinical innovation to transform the future of cardiac therapy. Our commitment is rooted in advancing the understanding and application of stem cell technology to regenerate damaged heart tissue and improve the lives of patients suffering from heart disease.

Empowering Recovery, Enhancing Lives

Pioneering Research: At the Heart Cells Foundation, we are at the forefront of exploring the potential of stem cells in cardiac treatment. Our research initiatives focus on how stem cells can be used to repair the heart, aiming to reduce the need for more invasive treatments and offering hope to those with limited options.

Clinical Trials: Through our ongoing clinical trials, we are constantly seeking new insights and breakthroughs. Our work not only contributes to the scientific understanding of cardiac regeneration but also paves the way for new therapies that can be directly applied to patient care. Participants in our trials receive the latest treatments and are monitored by leading cardiac specialists, ensuring the highest standards of care.

Patient Impact: Our research has already shown promising results, with many participants experiencing significant improvements in their heart function, quality of life, and overall well-being. These advancements offer new hope to patients, potentially reducing hospital visits and reliance on medication.

Educational Outreach: We believe in empowering patients, families, and healthcare professionals with knowledge. Our outreach programmes provide vital information about the advancements in heart cell therapy, promoting a deeper understanding of the options available for cardiac care.

Join Us in the Journey

Support Our Mission: The Heart Cells Foundation relies on the generosity of donors and the enthusiasm of volunteers to continue our groundbreaking work. Every contribution helps us to conduct more research, support more patients, and lead the way in cardiac cell therapy.

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Contact Us: If you’re interested in learning more about our research, participating in a trial, or supporting our cause, please get in touch. Our dedicated team is ready to answer your questions and provide the information you need.

Transforming Heart Health Together

At the Heart Cells Foundation, we are dedicated to unlocking the potential of stem cells to treat heart disease, striving every day to bring new solutions to those in need. Join us in our mission to revolutionise cardiac care and offer a new lease of life to millions affected by heart conditions.

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