Why doesn’t the NHS pay for this study?
It is beyond the remit of resources of NHS funding.


Where do the stem cells come from?
Taken from the patients’ own bone marrow in a simple procedure.


Why use adult stem cells, not embryonic?
Studies suggest that adult stem cells may repair damaged hearts and do not have the technical and ethical issues of embryonic stem cells.


What type of patients are accepted for these trials?
People with damaged hearts who have been told that there are no more treatment options available to them but that are still symptomatic.


Why is this trial different?
It is the first large randomised controlled study that considers everyday patients. It is also designed to answer questions that other smaller studies have raised.


What are the ultimate aims of the study?
To establish whether adult stem cells can help patients with damaged hearts to recover their quality of life and if so ensure that this treatment can be applied nationally.