Donation Information

Leave a legacy

Remembering the Heart Cell Foundation in your Will is a perfect way to leave a legacy while ensuring we can continue to develop one of the most important advances in the treatment of heart disease.

Drafting or changing your Will demands care to ensure your loved ones are provided for and your exact wishes are carried out. You should therefore always consult a solicitor. But once you have decided that you want to include a good cause in your Will, the process is straightforward.

You can bequeath a fixed amount of money or a specific item such as jewellery, or leave the remainder of your assets after providing for your loved ones. However you decide to help, your legacy will always be appreciated.

For more details please contact the appeal office or 020 7935 5351.

Become a corporate partner

There are many different ways for companies, both large and small, to get involved with the Heart Cells Foundation locally and nationally. With health and heart disease in particular being a cause of key concern for many customers, clients and staff, we are a national charity with a broad appeal.

If you think your company or office might like to make a donation, encourage your colleagues to donate as individuals or via their payroll, run an employee fundraising initiative, promote our exciting fundraising events, or sponsor some aspect of our work, we can work with you to make the most of your ideas. There are further details below on the many ways you can get involved and make a real potential difference to the lives of people who suffer from heart disease.

As well as often creating interesting PR and marketing opportunities, a partnership with the Heart Cells Foundation also brings many internal benefits including better employee relations and increased staff motivation and morale.

We believe that we will achieve our objectives by meeting yours. Whichever type of corporate partnership you are interested in, we will tailor-make it to address your company’s objectives in an innovative and appropriate way. With your help, we will be able to generate the funding we so desperately need in order to undertake our cardiac stem cell research and therapy programme for the benefit of people in the UK and possibly worldwide. In return our partnership will work towards your corporate success, now and for the future.

Please contact the appeal office or 020 7935 5351.


Sponsorship with the Heart Cells Foundation makes business sense.
Unfortunately heart disease is the UK’s biggest killer, accounting for over 238,000 or one in three deaths each year. It an issue relevant to all sponsors’ employees, customers and potential customers or clients.

By sponsoring one of the Heart Cells Foundation fundraising activities or events, a company can demonstrate its values and concerns in a very public way. We can also work together to have a huge potential impact on the nation’s heart health.

For further information on this and other mutually beneficial tailor-made sponsorship opportunities with the Heart Cells Foundation, please call on 020 7935 5351 or see our events page.

Employee fundraising

When it comes to fundraising, companies are ideally placed to motivate, support and encourage employees for fundraising activities.

According to research by the business think-tank’ Business in the Community’ (BiTC), employee morale, self-esteem and motivation are significantly increased through their direct involvement with charities and good causes.

Please contact the appeal office or 020 7935 5351

Payroll giving

One-off donations are an excellent way of supporting the Heart Cells Foundation, but a tax-effective way is through regular or one-off donations through the company payroll.

Donations are automatically deducted from the employee’s pay and because the donation is taken before tax is calculated, less tax is taken from the donor.

For any further details about working in partnership with the Heart Cells Foundation please call 020 7935 5351

Get sponsored

picture41Getting sponsored to jump out of a plane or run a marathon is the perfect way to raise money, and the chance to do something completely different. White water rafting and parachute jumps are just some of the things people have done for the Heart Cells Foundation.

We will feature your challenge on our website please contact 020 7935 5351 to discuss.

Organise your own event

picture42Whether it is organising a quiz or a karaoke night, or a spot the baby competition, there are plenty of simple, effective and less daredevil ways of fundraising.

They also help to raise the charity’s profile among friends, family and work colleagues.