Press Videos

GB News Wednesday 5th January 2022

Liam Halligan from the GB News ‘On the Money’ programme interviewed Heart Cells Foundation Chair Jenifer Rosenberg OBE.

During the interview Liam discussed with Jenifer her career and the work of the Heart Cells Foundation. Please see an extract of the interview.

BBC Morning Live 9th December 2020

The Heart Cells Foundation was featured on BBC Morning Live on 9th December 2020. Prior to the lockdown Jo Crowley visited St Bartholomew’s Hospital and met with Michael Taylor as he underwent his treatment. Jo spoke with Professor Mathur. Having received his own stem cells Michael met with Jenifer Rosenberg OBE chairman of the Heart Cells Foundation to speak with her about his progress.

Feature starts at 32 mins into the programme.

Channel 5 News Extra

Channel 5 News Extra interviewed Owen Palmer one of the Patients who took part in  Heart Cells Foundation Trials. Matt Barbet also interviewed Professor John Martin one of the Heart Cells Foundation Trustees.

Channel 5 News

ITV News 21/02/2014

The video is the news coverage of the launch of the BAMI Trial funded by the European Commission which has been started as a result of the Trial we carried out.

Patient’s Gathering at the Barts London Chest Hospital

This year we were delighted to be part of the Patient’s Gathering held at the Barts London Chest Hospital on 3 July 2014. We had the opportunity to meet first hand the many patients who had been treated as a result of the Heart Cells Foundation Trials.

A video was made of this event which we would like you to view.  Please click below.