Patient Case Studies

Heart Cells Foundation Success

David Gwinn

Having suffered a heart attack 7yrs ago I arrived at the hospital to be greeted by the stem cell coordinator nurse who asked if I would like to be part of the stem cell trial…

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Owen Palmer

Having suffered an unexplained heart attack in July 2010 at the age of 47, my prognosis was not good…

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Denise Williams

In August 2010 I was hospitalized with moderate heart failure which despite the medication had worsened to severe by Xmas 2010…

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Philip Ford

After 3 Heart Attacks, 6 Stents, I was on my second ICD and an Aortic Graft. Life was a challenge…

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“I feel very unique, very lucky to be a part of this trial”
DCM Patient

“This trial has been a life-line to me, as I felt my life had come to an end. I now feel so much better since starting the trial and this has given me and my family so much hope. “

Michael 68 yrs

“I am a new person since starting the trial. I am able to do more without getting so breathless, I feel more confident and more relaxed, which has also helped my wife and family as well.”

Richard 64yrs

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to take part in this very prestigious and ground-breaking trial and although I may not benefit, it will hopefully benefit people in the future and may even benefit my family in the future.”

Kenneth 71 yrs

“Before starting the trial I was breathless doing most things. The other week I actually painted a barn without getting too breathless. I feel like a new person since starting the trial, thank you for having me on this trial.”

John 59 yrs

“My husband is now much easier to live with since starting on your trial and is much more relaxed. He is less depressed and is now a much happier person. He is actually doing more without getting so breathless and says he now feels he has a purpose in his life. Thank you for taking him onto your trial.”

Wife of Gregory 56 yrs