Pioneering Stem Cell Heart Attack Trials

The Heart Cells Foundation, at Barts Health NHS Trust, is funding the pioneering research and development of a revolutionary and potentially life-saving treatment that uses a patient’s own adult stem cells to repair the heart. Helping those with heart disease, whether they have suffered a heart attack or have developed a weak heart for other reasons.  Planning for Phase 3 of the Trials has now begun, alongside the opening of the Compassionate Treatment Centre.

BAMI – European Update

The World’s Largest Adult Stem Cell Heart Attack Trial

BAMI as a result of the Heart Cells Foundation Trial currently has 29 hospitals actively recruiting patients on the study across 8 countries in Europe, 2 in the UK and soon to begin in Switzerland. BAMI is the largest study ever conducted in the field of regenerative medicine.

The Trials


Trial 1 – Regenerate IHD, treated patients suffering from heart failure from Ischeamic heart disease. The trial has now finished recruitment and follow-up. We have received extremely positive feedback from patients who have felt a marked improvement in their health and everyday lives. We have analysed the data and it has shown positive results towards patients treated with stem cells. The results have been published in medical literature. Setting up a Compassionate Unit to offer treatment to patients suffering with a similar condition.

Trial 2 – Regenerate AMI, treated patients within 24 hours of suffering a heart attack. Now analysed the data has been published in medical literature.

Trial 3 – Regenerate DCM, treated patients with congenital and inherited heart failure. The results, which we are in the process of publishing in the medical press, have shown a positive benefit for patients treated with stem cells over those treated with a placebo.

Trial 4 – BAMI, the biggest and most ambitious trial to date funded by the European Union as a result of the Heart Cells Foundation trials. Recruiting 3000 patients from across the UK and Europe. Similar to the criteria of the Regenerate AMI trial, the BAMI trial is treating patients who have recently suffered a heart attack, injecting stem cells into the heart a couple of days later.

Cardiovascular diseases remain one of the leading causes of death worldwide. The prevalence of such conditions is expected to rise, making it crucial for more research, prevention and treatment initiatives. As governments and various non-govornment organisations put in place measures to address this, charities and foundations have been useful in accelerating efforts towards this end. One notable organisation is The Heart Cells Foundation. This is a charity that is dedicated to enabling research, diagnosis, and treatments that involve heart cells.

Mission of The Heart Cells Foundation

The mission of the Heart Cells Foundation is to generate scientific and clinical research that explores the use of heart cells therapy to repair the damage caused by heart diseases. The charity is specific in that it focuses on research funded by families and patients who are directly affected by heart disease. The Foundation works to fund research that will explore the methods of using stem cells and other heart cells to repair the damage caused by heart disease. The Heart Cells Foundation is passionate about funding important research with real potential to save lives, and it is for this reason that its work remains incredibly significant.

History of The Heart Cells Foundation

The Heart Cells Foundation was formed in 2009 by a group of parents whose children were affected by rare fatal heart diseases. The mission was to use their experiences to create a charity that could fund and support heart cell therapies. Since its formation, The Heart Cells Foundation has had several achievements including funding the research that eventually led to the widespread use of stem cell therapy for heart disease treatment in Europe. The charity is known to have played a vital role in the formation of the world’s first heart stem cell transplant at the Royal Brompton hospital in London. The Heart Cells Foundation remains committed to supporting important and breakthrough research to find new and better treatments for heart disease.

The Work of The Heart Cells Foundation

The Heart Cells Foundation has invested and continues to invest in research related to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of heart disease. The charity is particularly focused on the development of regenerative medicine and is consequently centred on finding ways of using stem cells to treat heart disease. Much of the Heart Cells Foundation’s work involves funding researchers worldwide, as well as public events aimed at creating awareness about the preventative and treatment measures for heart disease. With the help of its partners and donors, The Heart Cells Foundation is making notable progress in the field.

Impact of The Heart Cells Foundation

The Heart Cells Foundation is dedicated to the idea of providing hope to those affected by heart disease worldwide. By funding and supporting groundbreaking research in heart cell therapy, the foundation continues to generate potential medical breakthroughs that could vastly improve heart disease treatment in the future. The charity has already had some notable successes, with its funding contributing to the formation of new treatment approaches. The foundation has also played a significant role in raising awareness of heart disease and the importance of prevention methods. The Heart Cells Foundation clearly demonstrates that when a group of individuals come together with a shared goal, anything significant can happen.

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